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I previously mentioned how myself, Emma Paterson and her daughter Ami had been scouring the debris of the Barony St John church and found some old pamphlets in the rafters. Well, we also found a bible.

Now this bible was lying open and obviously had been lying up there for years. What we cannot understand is how it got there. It is too big to fallen down the gap between floorboards so we can only assume that at some point, the floor in the upper gallery was exposed and a bible has fallen down.

The page that it was open at was in the Book of Psalms and the line that caught my eye was “Thou puttest away all the wicked of the earth like dross”. Very apt for the work my charity does. 🙂

And we found another book on the same day behind the church organ.


Despite it’s age and the discoloured, dusty cover, the inside pages were immaculate.

The book was titled “Lindsay’s Letters on the Holy Land” and is the Third Edition dating from 1839.

A quick internet search revealed that Lord Alexander Lindsay was the 25th Earl of Crawford and 8th Earl of Balcarres. He was born on the 16th October 1812 at Muncaster Castle in Cumbria. He went to Eton and Trinity College before travelling around the world collecting art (how typical of a Victorian member of the aristocracy LOL).

He spent 1837/38 journeying across the Middle East and writing his “Letters on the Holy Land” which seems to have been a huge hit as it was republished at least three times.

He also published “Progression by Antagonism” in 1846 and “Sketches of the History of Christian Art” in 1847. His art collections are still on display in many galleries around the world.

Lord Alexander Lindsay died on the 13th December 1880 aged 68 in Florence, Italy. He was brought home for burial in the family crypt at Dunecht House near Aberdeen but soon after his burial, his grave was robbed by a local poacher. His body was eventually recovered from a shallow grave fourteen months later. A monument marks the shallow grave where his body was found at Dunecht but his remains were reburied in the family vault in Wigan.

Why Wigan? Well, Alexander’s father, James Lindsay, was the Tory MP for Wigan from 1820 to 1825 before becoming the Baron of Wigan in 1826. After his death on 23rd December 1869, he was buried in the family vault at All Saints’ Church in Wigan – where his son would join him 11 years later.


Psychic & Holistic Fayre

Following on from my last post – we arranged a Psychic & Holistic Fayre on Remembrance Sunday (11th November) in the Barony St John’s former church hall building in Ardrossan.

The cost of admission was £2 including a free cup of tea with all proceeds going towards the Barony St John Regeneration Project and a donation to The Poppy Appeal.

There was a crystal demonstration / talk by renowned spiritualist Joan Frew at 12 o’clock; an insight into Auras with John Seery at 1.30pm; a psychic medium demonstration from international medium George Whyilie at 3pm; plus a vast choice of tables offering Tarot / Angel / Buddha card readings, Crystal hand readings, Reflexology, Reiki, The Cove, The Wandering Star, American handbags and lots, lots more.


The day went well with 98 people attending despite the wet weather. And we raised a total of £908.20 for the charity as Ann Smith who organised the event on behalf of The Phoenix Spiritualist Church, who use our Training Room as a venue every Tuesday, donated all proceeds to our cause.

Many thanks to Ann and all the members of the spiritualist church who helped man the door, take raffle tickets, give out refreshments etc. plus everyone who came along and made this day a success.

Remembrance Sunday 2018

Every year since 2015, I have put a poppy on the Remembrance plaque of the parishioners of the Barony who fell in the Great War.

This year I put a soldier silhouette as well to mark the 100th anniversary of the War – and someone came in with some knitted poppies for the plaque too.

Lest we forget.

Spiritual movements?

Some weird goings on have been happening in the Barony St John recently. We have had CCTV installed and the monitor shows some strange orbs flying around the hall.

The video is better viewed on our Facebook page – Barony St John Regeneration Project – but here are a couple of photographs which hopefully you can make out the orbs and the trails they leave across the floor.

Very weird.

And the video has sparked interest from a Paranormal Investigation Team who want to conduct some experiments in our hall.

What do you make of it?

Office After

So, here is the finished Office…complete with my McCoo cushions and wall swords.

What do you think?




Reception / Kitchen After

So here’s the finished wall mural …


And here’s the finished kitchen….

Not bad from what it looked like before is it?

Reception / Kitchen During 2

Looking good….

Now we need to paint the mural on our wall of a tree….

With shelves on it’s branches for all of our awards….

The blank circle in the middle is for our logo and then the Reception / office is complete. 🙂

Reception / Kitchen During 1

Here is what the Reception / Kitchen looks like now….


And it’s slowly taking shape….



A huge “Thank You’ to Howdens Joinery Co. Ardrossan for donating the kitchen units and cooker. Wow! Looking good.

Getting there 🙂

Reception / Kitchen Before

You may remember that the reception / kitchen are of the hall looked like this in 2015…

Then in 2016, it went from this…..

To this…..

Watch this space. 🙂

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