Now I’m a great believer in omens – you know, those little signs sent from the great unknown to let you know you’re on the right track….

Well for 7 years I lived in the tiny Highland village of Ardross, just north of Dingwall (or north of Inverness if your Scottish geography doesn’t stretch this far).

For a long time I had been looking for a hall building for my charity – The Scottish Centre for Personal Safety – but not just any old building…

It had to be big enough to run personal safety and self defence courses in; within commuting distance of Glasgow (‘cos that’s where a lot of the violence is) and it had to be near the people we help most (Women’s Aid, Victim Support, Rape Crisis Scotland, etc.) but most of all, it had to be CHEAP!

Barony St. John Church & Halls in North Ayrshire came up for sale and I initially thought – “I’m from Ardross, this is in Ardrossan – now that must be an omen.”

When I called the only person I knew from the North Ayrshire area (a female instructor connected with North Ayrshire Council whom I had trained back in 2003) she told me that not only had she heard of the church, but that she actually LIVED in Ardrossan herself.

Now that’s got to be an omen!