Following on from my last blog about the weathervane ship comes this mystery;

I’ve found some graffiti etched into a pew in the church’s gallery section. It has a wonderful sketch of what looks like the weathervane’s ship, the name ‘Thomas Scott’, the word ‘Ardrossan’ and the date ‘1855’.thomas scott crop

Now here’s the mystery – in two parts;

Who was Thomas Scott? If it was your great, great, great grandfather then please let me know 🙂

And …. and this is the weird part …. the ship was erected in 1885 but this seems to have been carved into the pew in 1855 …. 30 years prior …… or was it?

Was the ship etched into the pew after Thomas Scott carved his name and datthomas scott crop2e into it?

Was it Thomas Scott who
carved the ship or a different person?

And what the heck were they doing at church with a pen knife? Didn’t anyone see them or think of stopping them? 🙂

Seriously though, if you can help me find out more about this historical piece of graffiti then please let me know.