After finding out that the former Barony St. John Church & Hall buildings in Ardrossan was in North Ayrshire, I knew that I had to contact Deirdre Oakley.

You see, I trained Deirdre and a small team of women from North Ayrshire back in 2003 or 2004 (they went on to become North Ayrshire’s Personal Safety & Self Defence Team) so if anyone knew where Ardrossan was and more importantly, where the Barony St. John was it was Deirdre.

Now remember I said I believe in omens? Well here’s another one for you – imagine my surprise when Deirdre said not only did she know the church – but that she LIVED in Ardrossan …. and so did a couple of others from her original Team.

Now I could move to a new area, a short distance from Glasgow, with a huge hall, near to the people who need us – and I would have a couple of ready-trained local instructors on hand to help out.

Now tell me that’s not an omen!

Oh, and by the way, in my mind the shape of the church looked like some kind of futuristic space rocket – and I had a feeling this venture was about to take off 🙂church