After “The Ardross / Ardrossan Omen”, “The Instructor Omen” and, upon viewing the buildings, “The Star of David Omen”, I saw the size of the hall room and knew I wanted to put a bid into The Church of Scotland.


The hall room would be ideal for running personal safety and self defence courses in as well as our ‘Fighting Fit’ exercise classes.

But the buildings had been abandoned for some time (the church building for over 5 years, I believe) so although I wanted the hall building, I couldn’t think what I could use the church building for …. maybe a separate private training hall for Women’s Aid, Victim Support, Rape Crisis Scotland groups? Maybe a residential area for these groups?

But anyway, I had a major problem – I really couldn’t afford BOTH buildings!

So, I put in an offer for the hall building reckoning if fate wanted me to have it, I would get it.

Well, fate played it’s part well – when I was told my bid was successful and was getting shown around for the second time, I was taken along the corridor that connects the hall building to the church building. Naturally, I asked how this was going to be blocked off. The person showing me around looked puzzled – why would I want to block it off?

It turns out, I was now the owner of BOTH the church and the hall buildings.

If you are a religious person, you may say that “someone up there wanted me to have the former Barony St. John Church & Halls”. Maybe He (or She šŸ™‚ ) has plans I don’t even know about yet – or maybe He just approved of the plans I already had.

Either way, I think it would have been a shame to split the buildings up – what do YOU think?