Okay, I’ve told you about The Ardross-Ardrossan Omen, The Star of David Omen, The Instructor Omen, The Church Omen and The SAS Omen – but this has got to be the omen of all omens!

Like I mentioned before, I was getting overwhelmed by omens pushing me towards buying this church so after Omen 5 I decided to put a bid in – and I was successful.

Now here comes Omen 6 – the biggy;

When I got the title deeds, it turns out that the man acting on behalf of Church of Scotland for the original register of the building was a Mr Robert BELL back in 1849.

Who would have thought that the only two people according to the title deeds to own these buildings (albeit in the form of an Advocate on behalf of the CofS Trustees) were both named BELL.

Now if that’s not an omen – I don’t know what is!!

DSC01668    DSC01671