I was showing a member of staff from The Ayrshire Community Trust, Daniella Rossi, around the church, discussing my plans and she happened to mention how good it would be to find something really old like a bible which we could put on display.

As I explained that I had scanned the place several times and only found a couple of relatively new bibles, I took her upstairs to show her the view from the gallery.

As we both came down the wonderful sweeping staircase at the main door, we stopped in our tracks. There, on a shelf opposite the main church door, was a small blue book measuring about 3Β inches x 2Β inches.

It was plain to see and yet in all the times I had been around the building I had never seen this book. Not only that, Daniella was convinced it was not there when we went up the stairs because I stopped at the shelf to show her the marble war plaque on the wall.

How did the book get on the shelf – and who put it there? This will probably always be a mystery.


The book is titled “The Scottish Sunday School Lessons” and is dated 1931 – 1932.

The inside page mentions that this book is for “Junior, ages 8 to 11” and the back cover advertises “The Scottish Sunday School Teachers’ Magazine” which costs two pence or two and a half pence if it was being sent to you by post. πŸ™‚

Maybe my wish for “something old which we could display” was granted. However if the Church of Scotland would like this little memento of a time gone by please don’t hesitate to contact me.