My young children, DanieI and Gemma, were down visiting me and I thought I’d amuse them by getting them to hunt for anything old in the church (I knew there was a bible or two in the pews and it would take them ages to discover them).

Imagine my surprise as they kept coming back with another after another – bibles, hymn books, newsletters, church pamphlets – over 20 in all.


After thinking that some old church related stuff would look great on display, it seems “someone” has put in a good word for us – in the form of several Good Books πŸ™‚

Daniel and Gemma even informed me that they had found some little locked cupboards attached to some of the pews (obviously parishioners had their own seats and decided to install their own little cupboard to keep their bible in – some even chose to lock it)

So, here are a couple of bibles with some signatures on them – anyone know who they may be?








The first says “Amelia Mackay, St. Andrews, Barrie Terrace, Ardrossan” and the second is signed “MacGregor” with the address and telephone number embossed “Red Gables, Ardrossan, Tel. 693” – harking back to the days when you called the operator and simply asked for “Ardrossan 693” πŸ™‚

But it is this bible inscription which really peaked my interest;

It reads “Balston, Sea View’s House, Saltcoats. May 1877


If anyone happens to know or think they may be descended from any of the people who owned these bibles, please get in touch with me.

In the meantime, I think these would look great on display. πŸ™‚