This painting was left behind in the Church of Scotland’s office in our Hall building – but it’s not a painting of my church, Barony St. John.

It’s actually a painting of the foimagermer St. John’s Church which was located on the corner of Barr Street and Montgomery Street (opposite the fire station in Ardrossan).

It was sadly demolished in 1991 after the union with Barony Church (hence my church now being called Barony St. John) but a little bit of history is retained as the new housing located where this church was is now called St. John’s Place.

I kinda like the painting though so maybe it will eventually hang in our Visitor Centre or in our Office or Meeting Room.

Maybe it will bring us luck 🙂

PS – Many thanks to Stuart McMahon from the Church of Scotland for helping me discover the history of this painting. 😀