Okay, so here I am back up the stairs to the parapet and into the bell tower where this wonderful old clock mechanism is situated.


Unfortunately, the metal rods which should be attached to the clock hands on each of the four clock faces have long since rotted away as you can see in the photo below 😦 – and you also get to see the inside of this wonderful spire as it reaches upwards to the model ship weather vane. 🙂

DSC01252   DSC01266crop

The main workings of the clock are still here though – badly rusted, but still here 🙂

The brass nameplate can also be easily read –


The inscription reads “Muirhead & Arthur, Glasgow. 1845

I wonder if any museums or clock collectors would like to get their hands on this old piece? Please let me know if it’s of interest to anyone.

And if any readers have any information on Muirhead & Arthur, please let me know – they seem to have had a hand in making everything from clocks to art nouveau cutlery.