As mentioned in a previous article, I found a wonderful sermon pamphlet titled “Life & Work with the sub-headingArdrossan New Parish Church which had been hidden beneath the floorboards of the Barony St. John church since 1893.

Inside the DSC01714pamphlet were some fantastic advertisements including this one for The Queen’s Royal Carpets hearth rugs complete with a wonderful crest featuring Queen Victoria (who reigned from 1837 until her death in 1901), resplendent in a black gown which she would become recognised for following the death of her husband Prince Albert in 1861.

This ‘special offer’ advertised “Three for 7 shillings”.

Another advert was for Crab Apple Blossoms and Crown Lavender Saltssold by all Druggists aDSC01749nd Dealers in Perfumery everywhere” – that’s right, not just in the UK….EVERYWHERE 🙂 and priced at 2/ and 4/6 per bottle of Crab Apple Blossom and 2/ and 4/ per bottle of Crown Lavender Salts.

Finally, and back to carpets, this colourful advert was for Cedar Felt underlay.

Having worked in some really grand old hotels, I have seen a lot of this type of felt underlay – it not only protected the carpet and floor but was gave a remarkably warm feeling underfoot too.

DSC01716     DSC01717

It’s probably difficult to read but the advert states that Cedar Felt;

Supercedes the Brown Paper sometimes in use, which crackles, and is no protection to the Carpet, being as hard as the flooring.

Strangely, the advert doesn’t show workmen laying the under-felt but two maids complete in Victorian style long dresses, aprons and maid’s hats.

And how much would it cost you to purchase this wonderful new underlay?

Well, the price per yard for 60 inches wide was 6 pence going down to 2½ pence if your carpet was only 22 inches wide.

I wonder what else I could have bought for 2½ pence back in 1893?

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Goodbye for now.

Alan Bell

The Ardross-man