Here are the finished toilet facilities in the Barony St. John hall building. 🙂

The broketoilet6n skylight windows in the roof above all the toilets have been slated over and the ceilings insulated and lowered.

The Gents toilets have changed completely from this damp and mould ridden spectacle….

toilet1    toilet2

To this bright, modern and classy facility…..

DSC01756 DSC01759 DSC01758

The Ladies toilet looked cramped and damp….

toilet4     toilet5

And now looks like this….

DSC01760  DSC01762

And the toilet for people with disabilities has changed from this eyesore….

toilet7   toilet8

To this…..

DSC01763  DSC01764

Many thanks to Paul Marchetti and his team from P&M Property Contractors for the fantastic job they have done and a big “Thank You” once again to the Asda Foundation for their £10,000 grant which enabled us to not only transform these facilities but also damp-proof course, insulate and rebuild the rooms in their entirety.