Now, I’ve already showed you the transformation of our toilet facilities in my “Flushed with Success” post but I couldn’t open the hall building up with the place looking like it hadn’t been decorated since 1887, so I thought you’d like to see some Before and After shots –

First came the entrance to the hall which needed the roof leak repaired, the ceiling re-plastered, walls and ceiling re-skimmed and finally a transforming paint job….

DSC01384  DSC01768

You can also see the beautiful boardroom table which was donated to us by Glasgow Community Safety. (Many thanks guys) It’ll be moved to our Training Room once that is renovated. 🙂

Next came the corridor, filling in the cracks and holes, sanding all the gloss paint down, bleaching off the years of mould and finally painting it….

corridor2  IMG_0828

And lastly came the kitchen changed from a cluttered, wallpaper walled, mould ridden mess into a re-plastered look (re-plastered mainly due to part of the original plaster wall disintegrating when the wallpaper came off and partly due to the original gloss paint underneath the wallpaper peeling in patches and making the whole wall an uneven mess)….

DSC01277    DSC01765

And finally transformed completely with a coat of paint (well, several coats actually)…..

IMG_0832   IMG_0829

I’m delighted with the finished results.

It took me many weeks to finish the paint job but with Paul the builder and his team helping me re-plaster and skim the walls, I eventually got the job done. 🙂

I hope you like it as much as I do.

Next time I will tell you about the Victorian advert we found for Harness’ Electropathic Belts but for now, stay safe – and keep smiling 😀

Alan Bell

The Ardross-man