I thought it would be nice to arrange aeggn Easter egg hunt for my two young children in the former Barony St. John church building, so I hid 28 mini eggs around the building (14 on each side – 7 upstairs and 7 downstairs), gave them a side each to make it fair and set them off hunting.

Now you may remember, in a post I made a few months ago, A Good Word for the Good Book, I explained how my young children had found a number of old bibles, some dating back to 1877 – well, all was going well with the Easter egg hunt when Daniel came back with an old bible.

Now the Church of Scotland had checked the church before Gemegghanding it over to me and told me there was nothing left behind……then I had checked the place and found nothing…..then my kids had checked the place and surprisingly found around 20 old bibles a few months ago…..so there shouldn’t have been anything left to find.

This bible was even older than the previous ones with a date inside of 1830 – some 14 years before the Barony St. John was built.

There were no inscriptions in it or names so no way of identifying the owner but there are some very beautiful drawings and artwork inside it.  image

Then, incredibly,image Daniel came back with another old bible, this one was inscribed;

Mrs. Christine Coyle (Mossgiel), Parkhouse Road and what looks like Rooms (39)

I have no idea what Rooms 39 may mean – maybe a home for the elderly? But if anyone does know or knows who Mrs Coyle is or was, please get in touch.

In the meantime, I hope you all had a fantastic Easter and didn’t overindulge in the chocolate eggs too much. 🙂