When the last clump of plaster came down in the church building, I set about brushing up all the debris and noticed a torn and badly worn piece of paper in the pile.

After carefully removing as much dirt as I could, I began to make out that this paper was titled “New Ardrossan Parish Magazine“. Now I’m not sure if this would have have been one of many sheets which, when held together, would represent a magazine as we know it today or if, as I suspect, it was actually just the one page – more a leaflet than a magazine.


The date was “December 1908” and the Minister of the church is credited as “Rev. J. Kirkland Cameron“.

A check of the internet revealed a mention in the local Ardrossan & Saltcoats Herald

on November 20, 1903;

New Parish Church, Ardrossan, after an overhaul, will be opened on Sunday when the recently appointed assistant, the Rev J Kirkland Cameron, will make his debut.

Strangely another mention on July 15, 1904;

The vacancy committee of New Parish Church, Ardrossan, has recommended the appointment of the Rev J Kirkland Cameron as assistant to the Rev JD McCall.

I’m not sure who the vacancy committee were recommending Rev Cameron to, but if the dates are correct, it is strange that this recommendation comes 8 months after he made his debut.

The ‘magazine’ also reveals the names and posts held of some of the local community;

Session Clerk – Mr James Barbour, 98 Glasgow Street, Ardrossan.

Treasurer –  Mr George Kinnear, 53 Eglinton Road, Ardossan.

Organist – Mr J.B. Lawson

Choirmaster – Mr. J.C. Stewart

Church Officer – Mr. William MacEwing, Church Place, Ardrossan.

If any readers know of these people or are related in any way, please let me know – I’d be really interested to learn if your great, great, great, great grandfather was mentioned. 🙂