It’s taken a long time but slowly and surely the hall is taking shape.

You may remember, it started out looking like this –

hall1       DSC01385

And then it slowly got filled with more and more equipment – stuff for the hall, stuff for the training room, stuff for the kitchen, stuff for the office – until it was completely full and you could hardly see the floor.

Last week, one of our instructors Colin Hamilton came in to give me a hand and we managed to move a lot of the equipment which we would not be using right now into the church building.

image   image


Then we cleared and mopped one half of the floor.


Today, I was joined by the Chair of my charity, Deirdre Oakley and we cleaned all the hall equipment, mopped the hall and moved it back again ready for unpacking and setting up. Deirdre also cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom and I mopped the corridor.

image  image

Phew – now that was a long day!

Hopefully, by next week we will have finished setting up the hall – and the following week the last of the snagging attended to by Paul Marchetti.

Wish me luck. 🙂