The kitchen area was a huge eyesore with 1950’s style peeling wallpaper, 1970’s ripped lino, mould everywhere, a broken water boiler and walls so damp and rotten you could stick your hand straight through them.

DSC01277    DSC01278

It also had a reception / service desk which stuck out half way across corridor partially blocking the doorway. This meant that if we ever got a wheelchair user visiting our Centre, they couldn’t get past the kitchen area for the desk and would have to enter the side door of the hall room and come out of the middle door to get past it.

The problem wasDSC01765, when I took off the wallpaper, it also took a lot of the plaster walls with it – so the whole room had to be re-plastered.

The leaks in the roof had to be repaired.

The ceiling had to cleaned then painted – four times!

The walls had to be painted – four times!

The woodwork then had to be painted in undercoat and the again in matt paint.

I managed to get a fridge freezer for free but we had to get a socket added to plug it in. LOL

The floor then had to be uplifted, cleaned and a new lino put down.

Lastly, a new reception desk was built and a swivel chair added so we can work at the desk whilst inviting people into the Centre.

I hope you like the finished look.