Over the years, I have accumulated a small collection of free weights and when  I lived in Ardross in the Scottish Highlands they resided in my garage which I had converted, in part, into a small gym area where I could train.

Being cold and damp, the weight discs gradually rusted which wasn’t a problem for me as it didn’t impede on their performance – but now, I had an idea of incorporating them into the hall area in my new Centre in Ardrossan and their condition just wouldn’t do.


So, I set about restoring them.

First of all, I scrubbed all the discs down with a wire brush to remove the rust and old paint. then I cleaned them all and began to apply some black metal covering paint.


It took two coats each side to restore them but they are looking good now.

I even repainted my old squat rack stands too.


Things are beginning to come together. 🙂