I ordered some kettlebells recently with the thought of offering circuit training or even kettlebell classes.

For a number of years now, I’ve used kettlebell’s personally and found them to be a really good training aid.

At my peak of fitness, I invested in some heavy kettlebells to train with. I started with a 24kg then moved up to buying a 32kg and finally a 40kg kettlebell.

image  image  image

These super heavy kettlebells came in a “macho” black colour. Grrrrr.

So, here I was opening up my new set of kettlebells for our Centre – they start small in weight – the 4kg was light yellow in colour. Awww, that’s nice. My young daughter loves this colour. 🙂


Then the 5kg was light blue in colour. Aww, cool – this is my young son’s favourite colour. Now they can have a kettlebell each. 🙂


The 7.5kg was dark blue.


The 8kg was dark yellow.


But the heaviest in this delivery was the 12kg – and guess what colour it was? No, not black, not deep, deep, deep blue. Not even gold or silver.

It was pink. Well, a deep pink verging on purple colour – but to my eye, definitely pink.


Now I’m not the type of guy who insists that pink stuff is for girls and blue stuff is for guys – but I know a lot of guys who are. And when I shout “Grab a kettlebell” during circuit training I just can’t imagine a bunch of guys shouting back “The pink one’s mine”.

Call me old fashioned but the nice bright colours should be for the nice light weights and the deeper, darker colours for the heavier weights – ending in black for the really heavy stuff.

The colour spectrum should be exactly the same as the weight spectrum; As the weight goes up, the colours go up. Red should be 2kg, Orange 4kg, Yellow 6kg, Green 8kg, Blue 10kg, Indigo (dark blue) 12kg, Violet (dark purple) 14kg and then anything over 16kg can be black or bronze or silver or gold or some other colour other than the pastel shades. Brown, as its a mix of green and red should be somewhere near the middle of this range.

Now I know what you’re thinking – you’re thinking “well, that is a kinda purple colour so the the colour spectrum / weight thing is right.” Wrong – it’s pink! If they wanted to make it purple it should be dark purple not this light, pinky colour. LOL.

Does anyone else feel this way or am I being old fashioned about this? (And please don’t class me as some kind of gender stereo-phobe over this ‘cos I’m not – I’m just being honest to how I feel about gym equipment.)

Anyway, here’s what the kettlebell rack station looks like now. (I still love it 😀 )