One thing you should know about me is that I’m a huge boxing fan – and I’ve amassed a fair bit of boxing merchandise over the years and I wanted to instill this into the hall.

Now I’ve laid two thirds of the hall out with judo mats and the final third will be a gym area – and it’s around this area that I’ve put up some of my boxing posters.

imageI’ve got a few boxing gloves signed by boxing World Champions – one from middleweight champ Chris Eubank and another from his rival Nigel Benn; one from Marvelous Marvin Hagler; another signed by heavyweight champ Frank Bruno and one from Joe Frazier – and the piece dimagee resistance, The Greatest boxer of all time, Muhammad Ali.

I’ve also got a painting of Ali v Frazier’s Rumble in the Jungle, a small collage of Ali and a bigger portrait size plaque of the great man.

image  image

All of these are in the archway mentioned in my Locker Arch post.

Posters of famous boxing matches include Bruno v Lewis (1993), Holyfield v Bowe (1992) and my favourite (and ultra rare poster) Hagler v Leonard (1987).

image  image   image

Finally I’ve put up some small signed photos from some of the boxers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

image  image image image

Once the whole hall area is complete with punchbags, jump ropes, weights, etc. I think it will look the biz.

i hope you agree. 🙂