Our first couple of weeks of opening the Barony St. John up to the public have been a success. We’ve run our Krav Maga (self defence) classes, HIT (High Intensity Training) circuit classes, bootcamp fitness and even free pediatric first aid sessions.

image image First Aid 2

“North Ayrshire Bounce Fitt” instructor Lisa Smith has three classes running with us per week and spaces are limited so if you want to book a place with her, give her a call on 07491 653587.

Our timetable looks like this so far;

Mondays –                6pm – 6.45pm: Braveheart Krav Maga (8yrs – 15yrs)        

                                    7pm – 8pm: Adult Krav Maga (16yrs+)

Tuesdays –                  6.15pm – 7pm: Lisa’s Ladies Boxing Bootcamp

                                    7.15pm – 8pm: HIT Circuits

Wednesdays –          6.15pm – 7pm: Lisa’s Ab Burner

                                    7pm – 8pm: Adult Krav Maga (16yrs+)

Thursdays –                 6pm – 6.45pm: Braveheart Krav Maga (8yrs – 15yrs)

                                     7.30pm – 8pm: Lisa’s Ladies Boxing Bootcamp

Lisa’s classes cost £4 per person per session, our adult classes cost £3 and the classes for under 16’s cost only £2.

Additionally, Lisa runs Personal Training for her clients in our gym facilities and we run one-to-one personal safety / self defence sessions too.

So, we’re getting there – slowly but surely. 🙂


Class1  Class2  Lisas class