I’ve just received a batch of new embroidered patches for my charity, The Scottish Centre for Personal Safety, and they look fab.


Next step will be getting them sewn onto black polo shirts for my instructor team and then issued at our annual instructor training weekend mid September.

But their delivery reminded me of the polo shirts we had printed up last year when we were asked to go into some schools and teach our personal safety / self defence courses.

My brother, David, came up with a cool strap-line for the back of the polo shirt – “Knowledge is Power“. It would tie in nicely with our school courses and relate to what we teach and the “bag of technique tools” we refer to in our training (The more techniques you know, the easier it is to stop an attacker.)

I went into a local printer shop and asked for the the strap-line to be printed onto the back of our polo shirts but having seen some printing errors on the internet and Facebook, I reminded the printer that “Knowledge” was spelt with a “d” in it.

“I’m not stupid!” he replied.

Next day, I went back to pick up the shirts and sure enough he had spelt “knowledge” correctly.

But the strap-line read: “Knowledge is Powere” – I kid you not.

He had spelt “Power” with an “e” at the end of it!!!

“But the word is Power” he told me. “Pow – were.”

I could not believe it and as the strap-line was centre aligned, the whole strap-line would look weird if he tried to blacken it out.

In desperation, he agreed to put our logo over the last letter “e” and at the front of the word “power” to try to balance it out.



Luckily, I was only getting shirts for two instructors. In September, I’ll be getting shirts for eight instructors….and probably not at this printers LOL.