Okay, picture this, it’s my first night of opening the Barony St. John hall up to the public. I’m teaching Krav Maga classes but first I thought I’d walk Ben along the seafront and around the church before the classes start.

On my way back, I step on a broken slate which has obviously fallen at some point from the church roof….and I feel a sharp pain in my foot.

As I lift my foot up, the slate comes up with it – attached to the sole of my foot.

I hop around the corner of the church only to be confronted by a queue of people waiting to go into classes – and this is their first impression of me…hopping around with a slate attached to my foot. LOL

I pulled the slate off only to find a rather rusty looking nail in it.

image     image

Not the best way to start classes. 😦

Two nights later, I sit dimageown to my dinner after another night of training but the bowl of hot soup I have balanced on my nice new sofa overturns, spilling scalding soup down my leg…..of course, straight out of classes, I’m wearing shorts at the time. :-/

I run into the bathroom and stick my leg under the cold shower but the blistering has already started. At least I stopped it getting worse!

As for my nice, new, grey coloured sofa – it’s now grey and yellow. So much for turmeric being good for you. LOL 🙂

Now usually I’d say that this was an omen (being the superstitious kind of bloke I am) but that would mean the hall was not meant to open (or at least that I’m not supposed to be running the classes) so I’m going to put this down to being accident prone – but watch this space, if anything else happens, I may have to admit that it is indeed Omen number 7.