As you may have noticed from a photo in a previous post – The Locker Arch – among the gems of historical documents I found behind the old hall lockers, was a booklet titled The Adviser which dated back to the Victorian era.

Basically, the booklet contained many wonderful stories designed to advise you how to live your life and many have a moral to them – and this story, “It Worked Both Ways” is no different. It also made me laugh;

“An old lady rented a furnished villa for the summer and with the villa a large dog also went. In the sitting room of the villa there was a very comfortable armchair. The old lady liked this chair better than any other in the house. She always made for it first thing. But alas! she nearly always found the chair occupied by the large dog.

Being afraid of the dog, she never dared bid it harshly to get out of the chair, as she feared it might bite her; but instead she would go to the window and call “Cats!” Then the dog would rush to the window and bark, and the old lady would slip into the vacant chair quietly.

One day the dog entered the room and found the old lady in possession of the chair. He strolled over to the window, and, looking out, appeared very much excited, and set up a tremendous barking. The old lady rose and hastened to the window to see what was the matter, and the dog quietly climbed into the chair.”  🙂