Ok, you know something is meant to be when you get Omen after Omen telling you so –

So far, there have been 6 Omens which I have mentioned in other posts – 1. The Ardross-Ardrossan Omen, 2. The Star of David Omen, 3. The Instructor Omen, 4. The Church Omen, 5. The SAS Omen and 6. The Owner Omen.

Now, when I knocked down some old lockers in the hall building of Barony St. John, I found some annual reports from New Ardrossan Parish Church (as it was known back then).

The accounts date from 1906 and 1909 and apart from a bit of dirt on the front cover, look brand new.

image       image

What interested me and must surely be another omen was when I looked inside and read the list of Elders. Included in this list of names was my brother’s name – David Bell.

image  image

In the 1909 annual accounts, it details not only the Elders but also members of the Poor Fund Committee. David Bell was on both these lists.

Spooky connection or what? 🙂

Now add this to the fact that the only other name on the title deeds of the Barony St. John apart from mine (Alan Bell) is John Bell – not my father (same name) but a John Bell from 1844 (see Omen 6. The Owner Omen).

Who would have guessed that 171 years later, another Bell would buy the church?

What are the chances of that?

Spoooooky! 😀