You know I am a great believer in Omens and this Barony St. John project has had more than it’s fair share.

In other posts I’ve told you about The Ardross-Ardrossan Omen, The Star of David Omen, The Instructor Omen, The Church OmenThe SAS OmenThe Owner Omen and The Elder Omen – well now we have The Wolf Omen.

That’s 8 Omens – must be a record!

Local artist Julia Griffin came in with her designs for a collage for the ceiling of the church (more about that in a later post) and one of her designs caught my eye – it was of a Celtic wolf.


This photo is taken from her design collage and the reason why I feel it is another Omen is that this wolf design was first discovered in 1890 on a stone monolith found in Ardross in the Scottish Highlands – the very village I have just moved down from (hence the name of this blog “The Ardross-man”).

This very stone / design is the logo of Ardross Primary School where my children go to school.

School wolf

Now, look at the shape of the front leg of the wolf in the school logo. Look at the face of the wolf. Look at the curved lines on the shoulder of the wolf. Look at the way the lines curve on it’s hind legs. Look at all of this and compare it to Julia’s wolf design.

This isn’t just a likeness of the Ardross wolf, it’s almost a replica.

Now, it’s no big deal that a local artist in Ardrossan, North Ayrshire would choose a Celtic wolf design and draw it almost identically to a Pictish wolf design – but this is the very same wolf design found in my previous home town of Ardross AND it’s used by my children’s school as a  logo?

I’d say, the chances of that happening were pretty remote – unless it was another Omen. 🙂