Looking up at the ceiling of the Barony St. John church, I’m struck by how similar a design it is to the entertainment venue, Oran Mor in Glasgow.

The Oran Mor is a converted church turned bar, restaurant and music venue that has become one of Scotland’s most popular nightspots and acclaimed writer and artist, Alasdair Gray was the man responsible for painting the zodiac inspired mural on the ceiling.

Oran1  Oran2

The ceiling in the Barony St. John is almost identical in design. The same concave ceiling with wooden beams stretching across it just crying out to be re-painted.

DSC01360  DSC01354

Local artist, Julia Griffin and her assistant, Lynn McNally, have put forward a design of a night sky complete with Celtic Zodiac characters in keeping with our church history and our planned William Wallace theme.

DSC01784  DSC01782

Her idea is to combine the Celtic zodiac of animals (see my post: Omen 8 – The Wolf Omen) and the Celtic zodiac of trees making this work of art truly unique and a great talking point for people to discuss and figure out what character signifies their birthday.

Some of the draft character ideas look absolutely stunning and I cannot wait to see the finished look.

bird framed          stag framed

One thing is for sure, if we pull this off, our Events Centre is going to have a wonderful Wow Factor!