We have been lucky enough to have another local artist, John ‘Josimo’ Paterson, contact us with an offer to paint William Wallace themed murals around the internal walls of the Barony St. John church building which will link in nicely with our planned William Wallace Visitor Centre.

John’s work has been showcased at various art exhibitions around the world including London and presently, Paris. He has also won the ‘Best Global Artist’ award in Vienna and the ‘Best Graphics’ award in Romania and he has very generously offered to paint a variety of murals around the upper floor gallery and entrance to the church building.

John’s painting of William and Marion will give you an idea of how lifelike his paintings are.


Imagine scenes including the taking of Ardrossan Castle and you’ll begin to see the wonderful images we hope to showcase on the walls of the Barony St. John…….now that’s a Wow Factor!!

John’s style can be traditional life drawings as above or more modern paintings as shown below – “Ostara – First Day of Spring” and “Don Juan”.

spring  josimo

I love both the styles – the traditional would obviously fit with the historical theme of Wallace as well as the church, whereas the modern look would give the church a contemporary, up to date feel to it.

I particularly love the Ostara – First Day of Spring painting as it has so many hidden aspects – the jigsaw fields moving from the shadowy winter to the colourful Spring, the rabbits hidden in plain sight, the owl, the flowers for Mother Nature’s hair, the different types of flowers, etc.


Check out Josimo’s Facebook page – www.facebook.com/lovejosimo – for more of his wonderful artwork.

I’m sure you will agree that this will also look fantastic especially when connected with our William Wallace Visitor Centre (see my previous post).

But what style would YOU choose for the wall murals?