On the 6th November last year, I published my first post onto this blog – to be honest, a few short weeks before that, I didn’t even know what a blog was, so this has been a huge learning curve. 🙂

I still only know the basics and I have to admit, I get really envious of those blog writers who’s posts seem to come to life with different text fonts and animated cartoons – I have no idea how they do this! :-/

So, ten months after starting this journey, here I am writing my 100th post. Not bad for someone who thought they didn’t have much to say LOL.

Each of my faltering steps have been recorded – the highs (like opening the hall or getting funding for the toilets to be renovated) and the lows (like the ceiling partially collapsing at the entrance to the church or accidentally driving a rusty nail through my foot) so it is all here for anyone to read.

The Barony St. John has become a labour of love which I have strived through many an adversity to get to where I am today with the hall building partially open, a feasibility study hopefully on the way for the entire project (which will be the foundation stone for all future funding) and people actually attending our Centre for help to stay safe.

Since starting to teach personal safety and practical self defence back in 1997, I have lost count of the amount of victims of violence we have helped – but it must run into the thousands. And I always say that although we promote ourselves as personal safety / conflict resolution / self defence trainers, what we actually teach is self confidence.

Seeing how our training changes people’s lives is a joy – the greatest adrenaline rush of all – and the reason for me to keep on going.

Ultimately, it was this satisfaction of helping others that made me buy the Barony St. John and I’m hopeful that it will become a place of sanctuary, refuge, healing, learning and most importantly, fun. 😀

I hope you will join me for the next 100 posts and remember……