I mentioned in a previous post, The Adviser, that I had found a Victorian booklet. Well, inside was this wonderful poem which describes the fire brigade from a different era;

The Fire

They are coming, they are coming,

Hark! I hear the fireman’s call;

They are rushing fast and quickly

To that building grand and tall.

Gallop on! O lovely horses,

Ride away! O men so brave;

Reach the frightened little children,

Do your best their lives to save.

Shining helmets, bright and golden,

Thick strong coats, and boots as well;

Look! I see them coming nearer,

I can hear a tinkling bell.

Now they put the ladder upwards,

Hark! The cries are loud and wild;

Bravo! Clap the noble firemen,

They have saved a little child.

-The Teachers’ Aid.

Now the oldest photo I could find of Ardrossan Fire Brigade was this one from around the 1920’s –


but although the firemen have “thick strong coats and boots as well” they don’t have horses or “shining helmets, bright and golden”. For that I had to look further back into the Victorian age and I found these two photos which show the fire brigade from around the 1880’s.

buntingford-fire-brigade -1890FireStation09 (Small).preview