A few months ago, I was told by a prominent local Councillor that this was “ludicrous” and “impossible” and there was no way I would get anyone to use our hall in the evenings as “there are plenty of halls in Ardrossan sitting empty and closing through lack of use”.

I opened the hall in the Barony St. John in June for our charity. I’ve run various classes since then including one-to-one sessions for the blind and visually impaired, instructor training sessions and one-to-one sessions with female victims of violence.

At the end of August, I opened the hall up to the public for evening classes, initially running all the classes myself (HIT Circuits, Krav Maga, Fighting Fit exercise) then leasing the hall out two nights a weeks to a local instructor for Ladies Boxing Bootcamp classes.

img_2076     bootcamp

Now I’ve managed to convince a local Muay Thai boxing club (North Ayrshire Muay Thai) to relocate from nearby Saltcoats to Ardrossan meanign we now have classes on five nights per week.

img_2069 muay-thai

Next month, I’m hoping to bering in a Tai Chi instructor to have us open 6 nights a week.

Never tell me something is not impossible- I love the challenge of proving you wrong. 😀