Every year, my charity (The Scottish Centre for Personal Safety) runs an Instructor training weekend. It gives us a chance to all meet up (as we are spread out over the whole of Scotland) and it is good refresh our skills.

This year, as well as taking place in the Barony St. John for the first time, I added in First Aid training as well as some training for dealing with our blind clients and, as usual, we ended in a refresher of our physical skills – including the five minute pressure est where each instructor is “attacked” by two other instructors for five minutes to test our response times and self defence techniques.

image 05 image  image image image

All I’m going to say is “Ouch”.

I ended up with a massive bruise running over my ear and along my jaw. David ended up with strained knees following an over-zealous ground attack where the “victim” snapped his knees and Sharon popped her knee while practicing kicking the shins of an attacker. Colin didn’t report any specific injury but did cite a pain “covering his entire body”. 😀

You’ve got to love this line of work LOL.