I just have to say a huge “Thank You” to The Hugh Fraser Foundation for sending me a cheque for £7,000 to go towards the repair and renovation of what will become the Training / Meeting Room and hopefully an Office area in the Barony St. John in North Ayrshire, Scotland.

The total cost to open these rooms has been estimated at nearly £30,000 and this award will go a long way towards helping us.

Currently, the Training / Meeting Room looks like this –

img_1658 img_1657 classroom2

The floorboards need taking up, the joists replaced, the floor damp proofed sealed and concreted, the walls damp proofed and insulated, the ceiling lowered and insulated, the entire room re-wired with new electrics and heating installed, walls painted and floors carpeted. Wow – we’d almost be cheaper knocking it down and starting again LOL. 😀

But I’m hoping at the end of it all, it will look something like this when complete –


If anyone knows of anyone wishing to sponsor, donate or part-fund the renovation of these rooms, please get in touch.

It’ll be for a good cause – the Training / Meeting Room will be used not only for our charity (The Scottish Centre for Personal Safety)’s First Aid and Personal Safety in the Workplace courses, but also for running various community activities and as a social hub for local youths to help reduce anti-social behaviour in the area.

Fingers crossed.