A year ago today, I started this blog with my first post “The Journey Begins…“, now some 111 posts later, we seem to have come a long way – although to me my progress with the Barony St. John’s church and hall has been slow and laboured.

I started with a church building and a church hall. Both in dire need of repair, renovation and saving.

The hall was the easiest to save (if easy is even close to the right word) and so after cutting through all the red tape, legal booby traps and funding minefields, I finally managed to start the mission of opening the hall room, toilet areas and reception area to the public.

toilet5 image DSC01764 DSC01765 IMG_0831image image

Along the way, I’ve found lots of church and Victorian memorabilia –

DSC01714 DSC01716 image3

IMG_0128 image

And discovered lots of the buildings’ secrets –

thomas scott crop2 DSC01310crop boat

DSC01257 DSC01253 DSC01359 nursery2

All of which I’ve detailed in blogs throughout the year including describing some spooky goings on and the many Omens which have spurred me on –

Star of David window crop DSC01671 666766-william_wallace_large image image

Finally, and against all the odds (and some local people who’d rather see the buildings torn down and turned into a carpark), the hall is now up and running both for my charity, including the many disabled groups and victims of violence we help, and as a community asset as we provide martial arts and exercise evening classes plus free training courses for the public.

Lisas class image img_2069

But the journey continues.

And I’m sure I’ll continue to find wonderful discoveries and insights into a time gone by and hopefully mementos from the Victorian age.

I’ll face trials and tribulations galore as winter sets in and the work begins (hopefully) on opening the Training Room.

And my hopes to save this iconic, grand old church building will also continue – hopefully with some backing from the local community.

Achurch3 image img_1123 image

So, join me for Year Two – and let the adventures begin. 😀