In the entrance to the Barony St. John’s church is a marble christening font.

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It stands flush against the wall and I think it came from the original St. John’s church prior to its demolition.


It’s such a shame that it has been positioned so close to the wall as it prohibits you from reading the brass plaque on the rear;

img_2339 img_2341

I managed to get a camera behind to photograph (albeit in two photos) the inscription plate.

It reads –

To the Glory of God: In loving memory of Lt. & Act. Capt. Robert Thorburn Adamson, 13 Royal Scots who fell near Arras, 23 April 1917 aged 23 and Lt. George Addis Adamson, 6 King’s Own Scottish Borderers who fell near Ypres, 12 October 1917 aged 19.

Erected by their Parents

So touching that the parents should think of donating a christening font to the church to remember their sons by.

From their deaths, springs new life.

Lest we forget.