As I am convalescing after my hand operation, I thought I would do some research into some Victorian adverts.

In previous posts (Life & Work, Sale of the Century) I mentioned that I had found a pamphlet dated May 1893 containing sermons and advertisements in rubble that fallen from the gallery area of Barony St. John’s church.

Included in the adverts were this wonderful coloured leaflet for Cadbury’s Cocoa plus a mass of smaller ads on the rear of the pamphlet including one I’ve heard of  – Callard’s & Bowser’s Butterscotch sweets.

img_2489  img_2322


Spite’s Teas were produced by Francis Spite & Co. Ltd. at St Enoch Square in Glasgow from 1876 – and that’s all I could find out about them…..unless you know different. 🙂


Putz Pomade is apparently still being made today in various forms – I’ve included a photo of it to show how it’s production changed.

img_2327  0000220_putz-pomade-pp

And finally, The Arran Dress Skirt is not actually from the Isle of Arran as I thought (seeing as Isle of Arran is just off the coast of Ardrossan). The Arran Dress Skirt was actually manufactured by Arran & Co. of Leeds.


I have a funny feeling that The Arran Dress Skirt was trying to take advantage of the hugely popular Arran wool products and with that in mind, they may have fallen foul of The Trades Description Act of 1968.