As Paul and Peter (the builders) ripped up the floorboards in what will eventually become the Training Room, Peter found what he originally thought was a large nail.

It was covered iimg_2659n rust and was found near the stone exterior wall of the room.

It measures 8 inches – now that is some size of nail!

But taking it outside and bashing the rust of it with a hammer, I noted that it was shaped more like a chisel with an end that flattened out like a screwdriver rather than came to point like a nail.img_2711

Closer inspection of the tip revealed tiny teeth which proved this was not really a nail at all but instead a stone chisel.


Having not really seen a stone chisel up close I searched for photos of them on the internet and sure enough, I came across a few resembling what we had found.

chisel        14-tooth-chisels

I’m wondering if this chisel has lain underneath the floorboards of the small hall in the Barony St John since the building was erected and the stone chiseled into place back in 1889?