The small hall room is in the Barony St. John and is directly opposite the main hall room (which we’ve converted into the Training Hall).

img_1658To be honest, the small hall room was my dumping ground for all the rubbish I had amassed while converting the Training Hall – and it was now high time that I cleared it out!

The room itself has its own share of problems including severe water ingress, dampness, wet rot, falling plasterwork, cracked plasterwork, botched repair jobs, fallen ceiling masonry – the list goes on and on. img_1657

At some point before the Church of Scotland sold the buildings, some bright spark had decided to take off the wood paneling around the walls to see where all the water was coming from – but they found nothing….and subsequently ran out of money so couldn’t refix the paneling.

Now that the Training Hall is operational and doing well, I wanted to blitz the small hall room, perhaps turning it into a Training / Meeting Room complete with conference table, chairs, a break-out sofa area, a coffee post and storage.

My idea was that, if the room could be converted, my charity (The Scottish Centre for Personal Safety) could run personal safety, conflict resolution, lone worker and first aid courses in there…..PLUS we could rent the room out for other groups / organisations to use either for their own training or for meetings.

One of my Charity Trustees listened to my ideas and came up with this neat little room plan –


Now there are two main problems..

  1. It’s going to cost anywhere between £20,000 – £25,000 for this room to come to fruition, depending on what equipment we put in there (Smart Board, etc.) and we have no money so we’re looking for funding, sponsorship or donations. 😦
  2. Before we do anything with the room, it will need cleared. :-/

Enter builder extraordinaire, Paul Marchetti once again to help me shift everything.

The rotten carpet was removed (well, what was left of it as some had rotted and some had been previously torn off); The floorboards were taken up along the side of the walls to see how badly corroded the floor beams were (and we found an old Victorian advert – see my post Bell Wringer and an old Victorian stone chisel – see my post Nailed It!); And piles and piles of dirt, sand and debris were dug out from under the floors.

img_2655   img_2663

But just when we thought the room was cleared, we realised that the debris was far from gone…..