……Okay, our “little job” of clearing the small hall room of debris had turned into a mammoth task.

Paul and Peter (our builders from P&M Property Services) had to don coveralls, face masks and hard hats as dirt, sand, plaster, rubbish and debris of all sorts rained down on them.

There were even shells img_2695amongst the debris!

We’re guessing that some of the sand used to mix the cement between the sandstone blocks of the walls may have been taken directly off the beach in front of our building.

Strangely, as the dust settled, Paul was left covered in white dust and Peter was covered in black dust.

I’m wondering who’s the saint and who’s the sinner. LOL 😀

img_2693          img_2694

And the van load of rubble bags turned into several van loads….

img_2704 img_2707img_2703But at least all the precarious plaster, rubbish and debris has now gone from the small hall room and it’s now safe to enter the room.


But we need about £20,000 to transform the room into a Training Room – so if anyone reading this knows of a sponsor, funder or someone willing to donate money towards what will be a great room for our charity when dealing with female and child victims and the most vulnerable groups of our society including people with disabilities and the elderly, then please get in touch or click on the “Donate” button on our website http://www.ScotCPS.org.uk

I’d like to say a huge “Thank You” to The Hugh Fraser Foundation for donating £7,000 towards this project.

Every £1 helps and goes directly to this project. No-one at the charity gets paid (including myself) and all the money donated is accounted for to a Board of Trustees and OSCR (I say this to put people’s minds at rest, as far too many charities pay their CEOs a fortune or siphon money into other costs / salaries before they fund the project they are highlighting. We are not one of those charities!)

Many thanks for your help and support, in advance.

Alan – The Ardross-man