In a previous post (Ardrossan views) I shared with you some photos of the Barony St. John taken by various local photographers and residents.

With all the problems I’ve been facing with the funding for the renovation of the Training Room (see my last few posts) I’ve decided that I need cheering up and have scoured the various internet forums for some more fantastic photos of the Barony St. John buildings. I hope you like them too 😀

This dusky photo taken by Howard Arthur Moiser is absolutely beautiful as it shows the stars just beginning to peak out even although the sun isn’t fully down.


Whereas this photo by Helen Abbott is of a sunset and highlights the rocket-esque look of the Barony St John Centre wonderfully.


This is a lovely photo showing a line of seagulls as they fly past level with the Barony St John spire in the background. Unfortunately, I don’t have the name of the person who took this photo. 😦


And this is a cracking photo by John Craig showing the buildings reflected on the watery sand.


These next photos also show how close we are to the beach and how extensive the beach is (both in width and length) – and bear and mind, the beach goes on for miles and miles towards Stevenston.

This photo of a cold looking day is by Pauline Clements –


Whereas this photo by James McLaughlin seems to have captured some sunshine. I love the miles of clean sand and the Barony St. John on the horizon – a very well thought out photo.


And this photo taken from the beach looking up one of the many slopes to the promenade with Barony St. John in the background is actually from Trip Advisor by an unnamed photographer.


These next few photographs show the splendour of snow capped Isle of Arran in the background. This first one is by James McLaughlin.


While this one was posted by the Chair of my charity, Deirdre Oakley.


And we’re even more famous than Trip Advisor as this photo, taken using a drone, is from Irvine Bay Regeneration’s webpage and media reports. What a fantastic view with Princes Street in the forefront and the Isle of Arran in the background. 😮


Finally, this photo is very similar to that taken by James McLaughlin and was used by Scottish Television for their weather report. It was sent in by “That Blonde Woman” 😀


So now you’ve seen them all – what’s your favourite?