I was hoping to get my electricity meters replaced with SMART meters but when the electrician came to look at the connecting fuse box he told us he wouldn’t touch it.

Apparently the age of the box meant it was unsafe and so we had to call in a specialist company.

What I thought would be a simple job turned into a major operation!

First, paving stones were lifted and a hole dug outside of the church building and the old electricity cables were exposed.

img_3034     img_3035

Next day, the engineers came out in force and we opened the double doors of the main church building to let them gain easy access to the fuse box cupboard.

  img_3044     img_3043

Finally, the new wiring was connected and the hole eventually refilled – but it took three vans from the electricity company and six staff to do the job.

I think the locals are getting used to seeing work vans parked on the pavement outside these buildings now. sorry for any inconvenience.

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