yin-yang-symbol-variant_318-50138A few months ago, I wrote a post titled Tai Chi – the Yang for my Yin, explaining how I felt I needed some balance in the evening classes I offered to the community at the Barony St. John.

I had Muay Thai boxing classes, Ladies Boxfit, Krav Maga self defence – all fighting based classes but nothing at the opposite end of the spectrum – no relaxing classes.

I began by getting Tai Chi in last November but the one other class I really wanted to bring to the Centre was Yoga but finding a Yoga instructor was proving extremely difficult.

And then, it happened. I got a call from a Yoga instructor wanting to move from her current venue.

We offered a large comfortable, matted area with no obstacles (apparently the last place was small and with a wide pillar in the middle which obstructed the view of the instructor for some people).

We could also ensure that the room would be quiet and guaranteed to not be pre-booked by other clients.

And so, on Valentines night (Feb 14th), we held our first Yoga class at Barony St. John 😀

Now I’ve read a lot of reports and scientific studies on Yoga and I’ve learned that it has a lot of good effects ranging from increased flexibility, lowered blood pressure, lowered blood sugar levels. stronger bones and even weight loss;

yogaBut I had this vision of a typical class in my mind and it involved standing on your head and putting your ankles behind your neck etc.

So………I gave the class a try (well, what else am I going to do on Valentine’s night? 🙂 )

First of all, the training hall looked wonderful. The mood was set for the class with dimmed lights, soft Eastern music and lots of candles. Very relaxing.

img_3383  img_3381

The class started and finished with a short meditation session and the exercises were more about stretching to my body’s own limits than contorting into impossible positions.

I have to admit, I never realised how simple exercises such as holding your arms out parallel with the ground could be so exerting.

I left the class feeling full of energy – revitalised and with a spring in my step.

If you have never tried Yoga and are a bit apprehensive about giving it a go, take a leap of faith and join a class. I guarantee you’ll love it.

If anyone wants to visit our own class, it’s on every Tuesday, 6.30pm – 7.30pm and the instructor’s name is Frances. 😉