In one of my last posts, What a Pane!, I explained how we found that the windows in what will become the Training Room were rotten and falling out and how this added a substantial amount of money (which we didn’t have) to the overall cost of renovating the room.

Well, after weeks of getting the windows specially made to fulfil our conservation remit, we finally got the small square ones delivered.

Paul Marchetti (our builder extraordinaire) spent two days carefully taking sections out and undercoating them in the best possible weatherproof paint to protect them against the salty wind and rain of the east coast of Scotland.

But on the third day, disaster struck –

On a whim, Paul measured the windows and realised that they were 9cm too small. Somehow the window makers had got the sizes wrong. 😦

Paul had to rush into Glasgow to tell them while calling the glass company to ensure they hadn’t cut the glass yet for each small pane.

Yet another setback!