Well, after the saga of the windows being made to the wrong size (see my What a Pane! post), I kinda hoped it would be plain sailing from here on in with the Training Room windows – but no!

Even although the windows are exact copies of what was in previously, there seemed to be some miscommunication with between the window makers and the glass makers and the builders.

Paul Marchetti and Peter put the glass into the small square windows and got them in okay – even the small opening segment in the middle top was duplicated.


With a new coat of paint, the new windows looked fabulous compared to the old, rotten ones.


Then Paul and Peter put the arched panes of glass into the arched windows – still going well.

But then disaster struck again – the square shaped panes below the arches were too small. 20mm too short to be exact.


So near and yet, so far!

Paul’s having to drive into Glasgow to get the glass especially cut again. Nightmare. :-/