psychicBack in October & December 2015 and again in July 2016, I made some psychic predictions on how The Big Lottery’s Our Place allocation of £1.6million to Ardrossan would be spent.

You see, back in 2014, The Big Lottery announced that it was launching a new funding programme called ‘Our Place’ which would give money to certain towns in Scotland which it deemed to be in “an area of extreme deprivation“. It then announced that Ardrossan in North Ayrshire would be getting £1.6 million to be spent on projects which “would benefit the local community“.

Street surveys and door-to-door surveys were carried out which resulted in Our Place publishing the local community’s “Top 10 ideas to make Ardrossan a better place to live“;

image1. Upgrade Glasgow Street & Princes Street.

2. Activities for young people.

3. More shops / amenities.

4. General tidy up of environment.

5. Develop Seafront and waste ground.

6. Employment opportunities.

7. More funding and investment.

8. Sport / Leisure facilities.

9. Better play facilities.

10. Social space for young people.

But in October of 2015, I predicted that the £1.6 million Our Place money would not get spent on what the local community listed in its “Top 10 ideas to make Ardrossan a better place to live” but instead get spent on other things to “benefit the local community” like promoting Ardrossan’s ruined castle and constructing an art tfooter-450rail. 😀

By December 2015, I had predicted that to “promote public interest in the Castle”, Our Place would spend £30,000 funding a ‘fun day’.

I even speculated that this event would include local theatre group Capall Dorcha putting on a medieval play, Ardrossan Music Experience providing the music and Ayrshire Film Company videoing the entire event.

Amazingly, 6 months later my predictions came true – at least in part;

In May 2016, The Big Lottery announced that the first grant of money from the Our Place fund would be spent on a fun half-day carnival at the Castle. But I was wrong with my £30,000 prediction – it was £53,304. 😮

As I predicted, Ayrshire Film Company videoed the event but there was no sign of Capall Dorcha or Ardrossan Music  Experience……that is, until this year.

In February 2017, amazingly 15 months since I predicted it, The Big Lottery’s Our Place were funding Ardrossan Music Experience to the tune of £98,950 for a free “four-day ‘Sound on the sand’ spectacular which will see Ardrossan’s promenade come alive with musical entertainment”. (Well, actually only the Wednesday and Thursday events would be free – the Friday and Saturday events will cost you £15 per day or £25 for the two days to watch which makes me wonder exactly what this funding paid for??)  :-/

I can still see Ardrossan Music Experience performing on the evening of the Castle carnival event but this has not been confirmed yet – although perhaps their new logo might be giving away their allegiances?…..


…….yes, you guessed it, it now incorporates the Castle ruins in the logo. 😀

And in July 2017, Capall Dorcha received £149,387 from Our Place to deliver Youth Theatre classes and Easter and summer workshops for young people and adults in Ardrossan.

Now if only the Ardrossan Youth Group and the Ayrshire Film Company got funding grants, it would make it 5 out of 5 for my predictions!

So how could I possibly predict in 2015 who would get funding in 2017?

I’m obviously psychic. Enough said.