How can this be our 3rd Easter Egg Hunt at the Barony St John?

After finding their golden egg and smaller eggs hidden around the church, I followed on from last year’s theme and gave my kids a clue as to the whereabouts of their main egg.

Daniel’s clue was;

1st word = “This can be found before chute,glide and dise” and “this may not be bottomless (rhymes with wit) – it was at this point that Gemma shouted out “Git”.

2nd word = “This can be an entrance or an exit or even a jar”.

The answer was Parapit door.

Gemma’s clue was;

1st word = “The opposite of outside”

2nd word = “Heart, lungs, liver, etc”

The answer was  Inside organ.



Once again, two happy kids………for another year.

Hope you all had a Happy Easter. 🙂