Back in April 2017, I published a post titled Pane-less which told you all about my endeavours to replace the windows in the Training Room section of the Barony St John hall building.

Two years on, and I trying to do the same with the rest of the hall building – but it’s proving to be a bit of a nightmare.

The windows in the main hall are very large. Ten of them are arched..

And one is a very large circular window with the Star of David in it mentioned in a previous post…

ALL of them are needing repaired with rotten frames, cracked glass and in some cases letting in water.

It would cost a small fortune to replace them but to help reduce our heating bills, I have an idea;

We could replace the five external facing windows, repair the others and put in a suspended ceiling to reduce the space we need to heat.

You can see the transformation that took place in 2017 when we replaced the windows in the Training Room area – the left window is the old one with the right window a new replica.

They look fantastic.

Fingers crossed the hall windows will look just as good.