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November 2019

RNIB See Differently Awards 2019

Such an honour to be announced as a National finalist for these prestigious awards but to win our category of “Team if the Year” Wow.


Electrifying – Day Seven

Day Seven is when we get a skip in and finally clear the entire courtyard of all the excess rubbish.


5hrs work for three people. Absolutely shattered – but it looks great again. 🙂

Electrifying – Day Six

Day Six is when we finally get the excess rubble picked up allowing access again to the courtyard area….

Electrifying – Day Five

Day Five is when the trench gets filled back in again and everything hopefully looks as good as new….or at least, that’s what I thought.

But it took several days before we eventually got some of the trench filled in…

But they left a huge pile of excess rubble…

Electrifying – Day Four

Day Four is the hardest day to project manage – Scottish Power need to arrive and lay the electricity cable into the trench we dug yesterday.

Then they connect the cable up to a cable head inside the building on that lovely fireproof board we put up on Day One.

Then the energy company needs to arrive and connect the cable head to a three phase meter and isolator switch.


Then the electrician needs to arrive and connect the meter from the three phase meter and isolator switch to the fuse board.

And everything went to plan until this last phase 😦

The electrician couldn’t finish the job on the same afternoon and so we had to cancel all our evening classes as we didn’t have any electricity.

Luckily, he managed to finish by noon the next day.

Job done….almost.

Electrifying – Day Three

Day Three – dig a trench from the hallway door, along the length of the courtyard and out to the front of the church building where the current electricity supply enter the building.

Nothing ever comes easy with the Barony St John – this first half of the digging had to be done by hand as the digger could not fit into the courtyard.


Remembrance Sunday 2019

As always, every year I pay my respects at the war memorial plaque in our Barony St John church building.

This is the 5th Remembrance Sunday I’ve had here – the first being 2015 – but it looks more and more likely that this year will be my last.



Electrifying – Day Two

Day Two of transferring electricity supply from Barony St John church building to hall building –


Dig hole from courtyard into building, under the floorboard and cut hole in floor for cables to be fed through.

Electrifying – Day One

Day One of moving the electricity supply from the Barony St John church building into the hall building.

Fit a fire proof board to the wall.

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