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I mentioned in a previous article that we had Resource Efficient Scotland (RES) in at our Barony St John Centre for an energy saving survey. Well, they made a number of suggestions which I hope to achieve and tell you about over the next few months but one of those suggestions was to replace the main entrance door to our Centre.

You see, I knew we had problems with wind and water ingress around windows and I knew we could do with an upgraded heating system and extra insulation but one of the biggest culprits of heat loss in our building was staring me in the face and I just never clicked until RES told me.

Sometimes you just can’t see the wood for the trees……and this wooden door was a major problem.


The entrance door to the Barony St John takes the full brunt of the winds from the sea and over the years it has gradually rotted in places.

Additionally, a wooden door is not the best for energy efficiency. It swells and contracts with heat. So, in the Summer time it is fine but in the Winter months, it contracts allowing the wind and rain to penetrate into the building and drives the warmth of the building out.

Obvious really but like most things that stare you in the face, it never registered with me until they mentioned it.

RES suggested we replace the door and frame with a more solid and energy efficient PVC door with sealed edges. This would not only make the building more energy efficient but also make it more secure.

I had a chat with the Council’s Planning Department and they agreed that the door could be replaced – as long as the door and the frame stayed the same colour…red.

Keeping it red, especially with a red frame added a lot to the overall cost but needs must and by mid-March, the door had been made (you can’t just buy an off the shelf door as the door dimensions of church buildings aren’t the same as a house or office).

The old door was taken out.

And the new door put in.


And what a difference it has made. The temperature has increased in our doorway by 6 degrees on bad weather days.

If you would like to help me fundraise for the repairs and renewals to make the Barony St John Centre wind and watertight, please get in touch.

I will keep you posted on all the renovation works.

Goodbye for now.

Star of David Window replacement Day 3


The pains of glass have been replaced – and we now have a new window…

Complete with our logo in the middle 🙂

Star of David Window replacement Day 2 – PM


Do we?..

Yes, we do….we have a new window 🙂

Well, a least we have the frame in.

Star of David Window replacement Day 2 – AM

It turned out that high winds and torrential rain halted our planned window replacement on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

But the conservation team arrived on Thursday and removed the old window slowly but surely…





Star of David Window replacement Day 1

The specialist conservation window company we’ve used to install a replacement window in our our hall room arrived today to begin the removal of our Star of David window…..

Once scaffolding was erected, the extent of the damage could be easily seen….

Wood rot, cracked pains of glass and wet rot had left this window in a bad way. Just as well, we arranged to have it replaced with a double glazed replica….

But Ardrossan is currently being battered by high winds and driving rain from the seafront making the safe removal of the window impossible….

So, for now, the old window is still in situ and the new frame is keeping dry in the main church building.

I’ll keep you posted on our progress.


Electrifying – Day Eight

At long last, Day 8 arrived.

This is when the builder finally comes back in, fills in the hole in the floor where the electric cable comes through and then boxes in the fuse board, cable head and isolator switch to make it look less of an eyesore (and also to prevent anyone grabbing the power cable or flicking the isolator switch off)

Yippee – job finally done!

Electrifying – Day Seven

Day Seven is when we get a skip in and finally clear the entire courtyard of all the excess rubbish.


5hrs work for three people. Absolutely shattered – but it looks great again. 🙂

Electrifying – Day Six

Day Six is when we finally get the excess rubble picked up allowing access again to the courtyard area….

Electrifying – Day Five

Day Five is when the trench gets filled back in again and everything hopefully looks as good as new….or at least, that’s what I thought.

But it took several days before we eventually got some of the trench filled in…

But they left a huge pile of excess rubble…

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