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Not a great day today as I came into the Barony St John church to find a lot of fallen plaster 😦

As you can see in the photo below, some of the plaster has come down to the left of the church organ and some to the right. The plaster that fell to the right landed in the upper gallery and I’ve had to put a bucket up there to catch excess rain water. 😦

I have to take solace in the fact that the architects involved in this project tell me the whole of the plaster will be coming down anyway during its conversion in order to make the room safe. But I still feel sorry ever time I see another part of the building collapse.


The Cream of Ayrshire Awards “Best Local Charity”

We need your support!
Our charity, The Scottish Centre for Personal Safety, has reached the final of The Cream of Ayrshire Awards for “Best Local Charity”.

Please click on the link below, and give us your vote.

We cannot win this without YOUR help so please vote and share with your Friends to try to get us as many votes as possible. You don’t have to reside in Ayrshire to vote.


Image result for cream of ayrshire awards 2017

Open Day

An Open Day was held in the Barony St. John buildings in Ardrossan last Wednesday and was a huge success with people popping in to give their views on what they think the former church and hall buildings should be used for and how, hopefully, this will enhance the regeneration of Ardrossan and the Three Town area as a whole.

To date, almost three hundred surveys have been completed and if you would like your opinion heard, the closing date of 30th June is looming fast so log onto this address and get a survey filled in.

Many thanks in advance. 😀

“Thank You” to The Clothworkers Foundation


A huge “Thank You” to the Clothworkers’ Foundation for part-funding the renovation of our Training Room at Barony St John’s.

We simply could not have done it without your help.

Thanks again.

Operation Hand Over

I’m afraid I’m having to temporarily hand over the operation of the Barony St. John Centre to my Trustees, volunteers and instructors hiring the hall.

And the reason for this operation hand over?

Ironically, I’ve been in to get another operation on my hand.

You may remember I mentioned this time last year in my post Single Handed, I told you about my condition, Dupuytren’s Contracture, and how it causes my fingers to contract into a fist?

Well, this time my thumb had also to get operated on  – the operation involved pulling back the skin of the hand img_2464and exposing the tendons which then need to be scraped clean of the diseased tissue growing on them which causes the hand to contract – so if you’re squeamish you may want to skip reading the rest of this post……and definitely don’t look at the photos.

First of all, I’ve been unfortunate enough to have had two blood clots which have caused a blockage in my lungs. It’s all clear now but it makes me a “high risk” when it comes to operations so I have to be given tension stockings and special inflating boots during the operation to ensure my blood doesn’t clot while I’m under anesthetic.

Very fetching aren’t they? LOLimg_2463

Then the surgeon comes in to mark up what she is going to do – an arrow to ensure she gets the right hand, etc.

And now the fun begins!

Under general anesthetic she cuts open my hand to reveal all the internal working and goes to work freeing up my fingers and thumb.

She very kindly sent me a photo of what the operation will look like because I wasn’t allowed to take my camera into the operating theatre (it’s a sterile environment).

img_2453   img_2466

Two hours later and its all over.

Now I’m out of action for about four weeks while it heals and I eventually get the stitches out and the physio starts the painful road to recovery.

In the meantime, I cannot drive and have to stay with my parents to help with covering my arm up while I shower, etc.

Hopefully, I’ll be back at work reporting some good news (for a change) on the beautiful Victorian buildings that I’ve set my heart on saving.

I’ll leave you with this atmospheric photo of them and a reminder that every cloud must surely have a silver lining. 😀



Until next time.



Divine Service

Knocking down some old wooden lockers in the Barony St. John church hall and found this wonderful old certificate of attendance dated 1924.

It reads:

This Certificate is awarded to Thomas Milligan in Recognition of Regular Attendance at Divine Service during the year 1924.

Check out the outfits worn by children back then. I love the boy’s hat. 🙂


Spring is in the air…

The sun is shining in Ardrossan and I’ve found another blast from the past….but this time, not from too long ago.

A May 1993 newsletter – only 23 years ago but interesting none the less…


Spring is in the air, the temperatures are set to soar over the next few days, the visitors will flock to the beach and the seaside – enjoy your weekend 🙂

Ship to Shore

In my post Graffiti Mystery, I mentioned Thomas Scott’s 1855 sketch of what looked like the church building’s weather vane.thomas scott crop2

Well, I’ve since discovered that this is not the only graffiti sketches of ships carved into the pews.

As I scoured the ground floor pews I found these;

DSC01707 DSC01706 DSC01705

It would seem that sailing ships were a commonplace sight in Ardrossan so me thinks I’ll need to do a little research to see just how significant a harbour area Ardrossan was back in the 1800’s.

I’ll keep you posted.


The Ardross-man

How little has changed….

I came across these photos the other day showing the Barony St. John in 1902 and again in 2006 – and very little has changed (except cars replace horse and cart and whereas nowadays the sea is kept back with a sea wall, back in 1902 you can see where the shore line came right over to where the promenade gardens are now).


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